Gears and HeadA selection of key projects, structured by category:

Consulting, Service, Development

  • Software Services for a worldwide acting client: Coaching for Business Units/Offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia/China, Japan
  • Software process automation for building and maintenance of localized applications
  • Consulting for software applicaton globalization, including support for complex languages (Asia, Japan)
  • Consulting and implementation of processes for using digital certificates (“digital signatures”) with software components of various kinds
  • Consulting and coaching for implementation of required web site information and process documentation required by the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Web Sites

  • Web site development and management as full service; projects of various size and complexity – tools: Microsoft ASP, .net/ASPX, NetObjects Fusion, WordPress

Software Project Management

  • Project lead for a team developing an object oriented page description language for printable media (Klaus Albrecht is listed as co-inventor of the client’s patent application);
  • Chief architect for the system hosting application-neutral product specifications for printable media. The system consists of a MS SQL database with worldwide exchange (replication concept), a front end application (MS .net/C#) and a tool set for reports and exports
  • Software architect for the tool set to deliver various reports and data subsets in the target systems’ Format (including output for Microsoft Office XML definitions)

Experimental Project

  • Microprocessor-programming: Stand alone system controling operational hours of a lawn mower robot (AutoMower by Husqvarna), with calendar functions. Remote control based on XBee modules.
  • Home Automation based on the Raspberry Pi single board computer, FHEM-server software and varous sensors, actors (protocols: HomeMatic BidCos, Z-Wave, and ZigBee/Xbee for new and better Integration of the AutoMower Roboters).

Other Software Development Projects

  • Team member in a project for a Software Configuration Management System; part of it was online help translation from German into English language
  • Architecture and implementation of an application (database and front-end) to manage training courses at a City Savings bank association
  • I/O Interface programming for a cheque processing/coding system (IBM 4723) as an smart bridge between PC application and the PC interface board (component programmed in 8088 assembly language)

Marketing and Trade Projects

  • Import and distribution of hiqh Quality PC utilities from U.S. vendors, providing full service with localization, distribution, sales, marketing, technical support, site licensing, upgrade handling. Well known brand: Qualitas, Inc. – product: 386Max memory manager
  • Established a Consumer Service Centers for a client

Klaus Albrecht’s Projects in the 1980’s

  • Acted as a journalist for the PC Magazine “PC-Welt”
  • Book author: “The Euroscript Guide” (written in German)
  • Various software localization projects (applications and manuals)