The firm’s history in short – looking back fromHourglass on computer keyboard current projects and initiatives to the early days, where it all started.

2019 + : In Liquidation

  • Having reached the age for retirement for the owner/managing director, the liquidation process was initiated as of 01.01.2019

2018 + : GDPR-Consulting

  • Additional consulting projects to support organizations with technical implementation related to the EU GDPR [German: DSGVO] for Web Site information and personal data process documentation

2015 +: Technical Pre-Sales Consulting

  • Activity as Technical Pre-Sales Consultant (analysis, project-coordination, coaching) for selected business partner to accelerate their project business

2014 + : Home Automation

  • Starting a research Project in the field of Home Automation, based on Raspberry Pi and Cubieboard III (“Cubietruck”) single board Computers, the FHEM Server Software, and various protocols, such as HomeMatic BidCos, Z-Wave and ZigBee/Xbee.

2010 + : Movin’ on: Resources and new Technologies

  • Providing consulting and coaching as extended “Software Services” for clients and their subsidiaries worldwide (currently USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan)
  • Expanding the resource network while keeping expertise, quality, committment and flexibility as key factors
  • Focus on mobile devices and applications as well as new technologies: SmartPhones and tablet devices running iOS and Windows RT, applications like NFC, iBeacon, extensive use of PC virtualization (VM concepts) for development and test (MS Windows, Linux)
  • Extensions to our WLAN with multiple Access Points and HotSpot for secure guest access in meetings
  • More web site development and management (as a full service), and re-launch of our web site in German and English languages (based on “WordPress” as a blog system and CMS)
  • Additional equipment (hardware and software) for video production (software demo and instruction videos)
  • Registered developer for Apple iOS and for Windows 8 (Windows Store)

2000 – 2010: Worldwide Projects

  • Regional expansion of consulting, project-management and coaching services for a client based in the U.S., with offices in Canada, Latin/South America, Europe, Asia/China, Australia, Japan
  • Coordination between teams at clients and development-teams in the Ukraine and China (PRC)
  • Project lead: Team development of a worldwide accessible system for product specs management and development of an object oriented page description language (please refer to “Projects” for further details)

1990 – 2000: The Software Developer/Architect

  • Team member working on a SCMS (Software Configuration Management System)
  • Development of logic (macros, definitions) for text formatting (IBM DCF) and front end panels plus logic (IBM ISPF/PDF, TSO-CLists) on mainframe computer systems (IBM /370)
  • Development of a network-based PC application for managing training courses at a City Savings Bank organization
  • 1997: First own web site, added later a complete online-shop system

Built “Managed Subsidiaries”

  • Software import and distribution for selected U.S. Software vendors, providing full-service for them: Import, distribution, sales, marketing, support, site licensing, upgrade handling. Well known product from this decade: 386MAX from Qualitas, Inc.

From Consulting to Coaching

  • Creation of a Consumer-Service Centers for a client
  • Coaching for PC Software presentations at trade shows (CeBIT and distributor events)
  • Organisation of European software services for a client being in the office products business

1980 – 1990: From Financial Business into the IT-World

  • Klaus Albrecht moved end of the 1970’s, after education in the bank business (German “Bankfachwirt IHK”), to the IT-world at a major Bavarian bank
  • Became a “programmer”. Language: Assembly, programming was done using “punch-hole cards”  (does anyone remember this technique …?)
  • First contact with databases : IBM DB/2 and SQL
  • Started 1983/84 own development on a purchased IBM PC/XT … after first steps made with a Commodore 64 😉
  • Achieved a leading position for Software Engineering at the bank
  • Since mid-80’s self-employed, established own business, migrated it to today’s “GmbH”
  • Development of an I/O interface between PC application and cheque-processing-system (IBM 4723) in assembly language

… and as Journalist and Localizer

  • Additional activity as a journalist for a PC/IT magazine (created various cover stories)
  • Several localization projects (Software and heavy manuals)
  • Book author: “The EuroScript Guide” (Note: The word processor was worldwide known as “XYWrite”)