The Company

CoachingAlbrecht Software Systeme GmbH is primarily an IT service provider for consulting and coaching in the software project management business.

The company was founded in 1986 as a follow-up from a previously (1984) established personal business. Operations and services are targeted to support worldwide clients. Highly valuable expertise was built over the decades, which adds value to today’s projects.

Based on a resource network with consultants and software development teams in various countries, as well as specialists for graphic design (Adobe product range) and experts for “graphic construction” tools (such as Adobe Illustrator etc.), we are able to offer our clients complete project solutions in various application categories.

Read more details about our mission, the firm’s history, and key projects.

Since 01.01.2019 “in Liquidation”

Reaching the age for retirement, the owner/managing director decided the firm’s “liquidation process” as of 01.01.2019. The firm will be closed as a legal and business entity after the legally required 1-year timeframe to clear all businesses, followed by the de-registration from the register (German: Handelsregister). Mr. Klaus Albrecht plans to keep certain personal software development, specialized for “Home Automation”, as a leisure activity.